Times Of Our Lives

John Staples

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Liner Notes

This song is so much fun to sing. It's about leaving (seems like I'm always writing about leaving or coming home!!) But in this song our hero never seems to get back home. It includes things I love like "misty green mountaintops, moonpies and lemon drops"! Not sure what genre to place it in...maybe rockin' country/folk? :D

John Staples johns@visionarywebworks.com

Times Of Our Lives

Drivin' down a dirt road
Dust cloud behind us
Havin' the time of our lives
But I ran for my destiny
Running got the best of me
And I'm missin' you baby tonight

Each time the sun sets
I reach out to touch you
Can't believe you're not there

Misty green mountain tops
Moonpies and lemon drops
Havin' the time of our lives
But you stayed in West Virginia
God how I miss ya
As I'm wipin' the sleep from my eyes

Every morning
I wake up and reach for you
Can't believe you're not there

These are the times
times of our lives
Hold On
Hold on to each other
hold on for dear life
Hold On

Headin' down the highway
So many miles between us
Makin' the best of our lives
But you're still in West Virginia
And girl I still miss ya
I'm wipin' the tears from my eyes

These are the times of our lives
Hold on Hold on
These are the times of our lives
Hold on Hold on
These are the times of our lives
Hold on Hold on

© 2012 John Staples

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Comments on Times Of Our Lives

Interesting chord progressions that really work well with the lyrics. Lots of great lines tell of a long distance love in a wonderful way. Must listen again now
-Billy Sea

Certainly a rambling chord progression, that fits the journey of the song and lands on something more solid to "hold on" to in the chorus. These kind of exercises always open doors of creativity. Nice production too, clean, balanced and clear. Good job. Enjoyed,
-Wolf Kier

Carmen and I really like the chorus!
-Elliot Schneider

Great chord progressions through and fantastic instrumentation/arrangement. Love the chorus, and the harmonising in there is wonderful. You've got a really great rock thing going here musically. Just gonna press play again :) Yep, enjoyed it a lot and actually played it again twice - it's got great lastability - where you can keep listening to it and it just gets better and better.

This is amazing :) I really like your voice and the way you sing. Great lyrics as well! You're really creating a story, and then the 'hold on' parts as a perfect ending! :)

John...I'm a fan...you know that...and this lyric doesn't disappoint. I love the switch you do, great story line, awesome melody and harmonies, and sometimes working on something that's different (even if it takes awhile) makes it all that much more special...it's a hit! Congrats on this wonderful piece!

Being involved in a distant relationship myself, I can relate to these wonderful lyrics very well. The longing for the loved one becomes very palpable, especially in lines like these "Every morning I wake up and reach for you". Awesome story and very nicely told, great singing, this song *feels* absolutely honest and authentic...
-Arthur Rossi

this is nice it has that old timey Americana vibe that you do so well but it also could be a rocker. there is always an emotional honesty to your work that I really enjoy. great song.
-sam sorrow

I always enjoy your songs, and this is certainly no different. When the guitars come in at the start of the "Misty green mountain tops" verse it's just magical, especially because the whole verse is just so powerful and evocative of the sorrow of leaving someone behind. Very nice as always!

I've got a bunch of unfinished stuff (we probably all do). Sometimes a song just isn't going to be finished until its time has come. Looks like this one's time has. Here we are again with the mountain theme that never grows old for me. "Moon pies and lemon drops" - love the tiny details that bring on the imagery. West Virginia and miss ya - nice job there. It's different from your other songs, for sure, but a fine job nonetheless. smiley

I like the way you add instrumentation to your songs. I could totally hear this on Kat's program. This is good stuff, John! (And I love the chord changes on the chorus!)
-Carmen C.

What a fantastic song! That chorus is incredible.
-Martin Q.

I had trouble getting the other site to play but this worked well. I enjoy listening to your music!
-Judy S.

Nice song. And very well produced.
-Ed S.

Good exercise! I would do this some more! Really enjoyed the less predictable chord changes; I think that generally this leads to a song with greater longevity. I think that this also leads to some unexpected dischords [i.e. on" Can't believe you're not there"] - Now that's what we're talking about! Good work in stretching yourself and doing something new that sounds harmonically stretching! Man, that was a quick fade out? Is it lunchtime already! ;Q

The chord changes are certainly ambitious but they work out well, especially in the chorus. I like original surprising music and this fits in that category. The song structure is solid, with for instance the "Drivin' down a dirt road" and "Headin' down the highway" lines to start the verses.
-Rob From Amersfoort

You know what, this actually sounds a lot like the Byrds. I can almost hear a twelve string Rickenbacker in the background. Especially those bm/A and E/A chords sound byrdsy. But this is of course more modern approach ( so I hear a bit of Foo Fighters also ). And it seems to me that your voice has a lot of Gene Clark in it, and I mean these as a big compliment. There is so much going chord wise, that it took me several listens to get in to the song. But it has a wonderful majestic feel, like something big and epic is happening. I like it!

The way the story of the song develops and moves through the emotions and longings fits with the atypical chord progression well. I especially like the juxtaposition of the hold on lyrics/time our life lyrics which is a happy beautiful thought up against this missing/wiping tears from your eyes thought. That contradiction and complexity of life and love is so vivid and rich as is the unique chord sound. Works well. Another great song, John!