Way Back When

John Staples

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Liner Notes

Way Back When is a song about the things we have loved and lost.

John Staples johns@visionarywebworks.com

Way Back When

I remember painted faces
Holding hands in secret places
Dreamin' bout the things that we would do

Camping out in your backyard
Pounding on that old guitar
Wishing on a shooting star with you

way back when

You and I were young
You and I were young
Riding bareback in the sun
You and I were young

I remember folding lawn chairs
Yellow dog that stole your teddy bear
Back when we thought dreams could still come true

I was yours and you were mine
disappeared into the sands of time
Wish I'd had a whole lot more with you

way back when

You and I were young
You and I were young
Driving high down 101
You and I were young

way back when
way back when
way back when

You and I were young
You and I were young
Banging gongs and beating drums
You and I were young

I remember painted faces
Holding hands in secret places
I remember all these things with you

way back when

© 2012 John Staples

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Comments on Way Back When

this is lovely John. I like the strings a lot. The guitar line is really nice. It feels like an old country song. very nostalgic and filled with longing. great song.
-sam sorrow

This has "hit" written all over it....love the counter melody on the violin. Are you playing violin? It is really beautiful. Such a sweet universal sentiment...truly could hear this on the radio as a contemporary country ballad...and can imagine the music video...

Your songwriting is fantastic. This verse: I remember folding lawn chairs/Yellow dog that stole your teddy bear/Back when we thought dreams could still come true'...nostalgia captured so vividly, perfect rhyming, unexpected. I also love the 101 part. Genius, all of it smiley Keep it up!

Wonderful as always; you have a real knack for folksy Americana. I think the best word I can come up with is "transporting," to a warm, golden-hued time and place. Simply lovely.

I am so sorry that I don't live where you do so I could catch you singing in person. I so enjoy your music. I agree with kahlo completely - if someone told me I was listening to this on a country station, I would not doubt it for a second. This song is so poignant and so easy to fall into. Keep those unfinished songs coming - it's a wake up call to me, too, heading into the home stretch here. Your delivery of this song is wonderful. I can't help but close my eyes and nod in agreement, being sent back a few decades to my own memories.

John, I love the simplicity in your style...which for me...is complex, and love the added strings. I can hear this on the air, and also at anniversary parties...a sweet slow dance...very nice...beautiful!! Keep going, my friend! More, more, more!!

Wow! This song is so beautiful, John. The atmosphere is very warm and it feels like..hmm... a beautiful sunset! So rich, so full of experiences and kindness. I like it very much!

Beautiful fiddle playing! I'm listening on the laptop speakers, but I must say, I'm totally convinced. It's a beautiful song, and while I can hear it delivered with harmony vocals in the choruses, It stands strong as you've recorded it hear. There aren't really a lot of surprises in this, except the 'lawn chair - teaddy bear' rhyme and the 'banging gongs' line and the cool vocal inflections utilizing your voice break to falsetto, bit of a yodel (which I love!)... so the song falls heavily into the familiar, sounds like I've heard this before, side of the spectrum... but that is quite an accomplishment, especially for something brand new in the 50/90 context. Great sense of phrasing and timing--- steady sense of pulse--- really solid.

Wow, John, this is beautiful and slightly sad. I love it. You have such a soulful voice! There's something about the violin in this one that really gets me.
-Natalie A.

I love "holding hands in secret places." This is so evocative & knowingly wistful. Violin just came in - Nice! This reminds me of me and my friend in our youth…we weren't riding bareback but, well, you (I?) get the idea. "I remember folding lawn chairs" is actually awesome. If anyone throws accusations of "cliche" at "shooting star," tell them to have a word with "lawn chairs."

This is again very good. I can see you performing this on national television (you've such a warm voice). The ending is interesting, I think it works well. Also the production is excellent, for instance the fiddle is subtle enough not to draw attention away from teh vicoal.
-Rob From Amersfoort

This is a beautiful and touching song. Very traditional and rootsy, especially the guitar picking and the lonely violin. Strong song, and the violin adds much colour and feeling. I like your restrained vocal delivery, you don't try to sell the song, you just let the song sing itself. So I can hear some sadness and some gladness in your voice, and both fit the nostalgic subject. Oh, to be sixteen again. smiley

Love your strumming style. The violin coming in is just about perfect. Identified with the line "riding bareback in the sun" - it brought back many memories. This song is a great bridge back to old times. Lovely!

Oh what a beautiful song, feeling like a song about Spring. Love the guitar, violin and gentle warm, loving vocals. Straight after your song finished I clicked on play to listen to it again. Enjoyed both listens more than I can say.

Your mad musical and lyrical skills leave me in awe and a bit intimidated. This is beautiful, as is all of your music. I am so very happy to have spent time with your music this challenge. Awesome job smiley
-Billy Sea

Beautiful, I Love it, Thank You!!!
-Debbie E.

Very nice, John!
-Anne-Marie L.

Ah, nostalgia. It always looks better when we look backward. I hope you have some sweet forward looking songs coming up too. You have a great talent for touching on the simple joys of life. Now I sound so sentimental that I'll have to go stab myself.
-Gail K.

Oh yeah, John, mighty fine tune
-Tim W.

I still love "Holding hands in secret places"...with you...
-Rose S.