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WinPath is a family of software products designed to simplify microwave transmission engineering. WinPath Pro is a comprehensive software package for the analysis and design of microwave radio networks. WinPath Terrain is a digitized terrain elevation database containing terrain data for every populated region in the world!

WinPath Pro
Designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system, WinPath Pro offers unparalleled ease of use for both new and experienced transmission engineers. The software was designed for use in any area of the world. It provides calculations in metric or US units and features both ITU and North American standards for functions such as outage and rainfall calculations.

With WinPath Pro, all modules are fully integrated into a single Windows program. There is no repetitious typing of information since all modules share all common data. The user can control the default behavior of the software and even design project templates to simplify data entry.

The software provides report printing to a wide variety of output devices including B&W as well as color printers. It also includes the ability to print directly to an ASCII text file for manipulation or enhancement of the reports outside WinPath.

The printed user guide, in a convenient binder with slipcase, includes an installation guide, getting started section, detailed program reference plus an appendix with all formulas used in the software along with the source of the formula. The entire user guide is also included as a hyperlinked Windows Help file.

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WinPath Terrain
WinPath Terrain provides digitized elevation data for the entire world! Terrain data for the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, is available in 3 arc second resolution. Terrain data for every other populated continent in the world is available in 30 arc second resolution.

The USA data is based on USGS digitized terrain data that has been converted to a binary file format to reduce the file size and improve access time. World terrain data is based on a recent cooperative effort involving the USGS and several other international organizations. This data has also been converted to a binary format for convenience of the users.

WinPath Terrain is shipped on CD-ROM organized by region and can be purchased alone or with WinPath Pro. It is the most comprehensive and economically priced digitized terrain available!

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